History of Hofgut Sternen – The Black Forest Village

Hofgut Sternen – The Black Forest Village looks back over 700 years of history. Marie Antoinette stopped here on her wedding-trip to Paris and the famous German poet Goethe stayed here in the 18th century. At that time the Hofgut Sternen was a horse-changing-station with a guest house. Many small craft companies settled in the neighborhood during this time. Today it is important to us to keep up this tradition of craftsmanship and to continue to develop this further with the companies we work with.


Tradition of the Cuckoo Clock

The Black Forest is mainly known for its cuckoo clocks, a masterpiece of mechanical and wooden handicrafts.The beginnings of clock-making in the Black Forest started in the 17th century when the farmers would carve clocks out of wood during the long winter months. Even today, cuckoo clocks are unique, mainly due to the wooden cuckoo bird, which comes out of the small door every hour and half-hour and calls the time.


Our handmade clocks have very precise mechanical clock movements, and some models also have a musical mechanism. Our extensive selection fulfills every wish – each clock is unique in its way. See here a video how an original Black Forest cuckoo clock is made.

All our Black Forest mechanical cuckoo clocks are delivered with the VDS Certificate of Authenticity  (Black Forest Clock Association Germany) and the 2 year DRUBBA International guarantee.


Additional variety of goods

In addition to our large selection of Black Forest cuckoo clocks we also offer quality craftsmanship from other parts in Germany i.e. Christmas articles and figures, crafted in wood from the “Erzgebirge” which is famous for this, Steiff teddy bears and original beer mugs from the “Westerwald”, just to name a few.



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