Cuckoo clock – Wood chopper


The woodchopper cuts the wood, the water wheel turns and the figures dance every half an hour to the music. A wonderful clock with red shingle roof showing a typical black forest scene


The cuckoo clock is made and handcarved out of bass/linden wood. The weights are made out of cast iron, and chain is made out of stainless steel

Technical details

Clock work: 1 day winding with manual night switch

Clock face: Wooden with wooden hands and numbers (hand carved)

Clock size and weight: Clock weighs 4 kg (9 pounds)

  •       length: 26 cm (10 inch)
  •       width:  14 cm ( 5.5 inch)
  •       height: 32 cm (12.5 inch )

Pendulum: Precise pendulum made out of wood and stainless steel, hand painted, with screw to regulate the speed

Chime: Stainless steel

Cuckoo: Wooden (handcarved and handpainted)

Dancing figures: Handcarved and painted in traditional Black forest clothing

Music: “Edelweiss” and “Happy wanderer” (they change every half an hour)

Features: Medium pitch cuckoo sound, chimes once on the half an hour, and on the full hour depending on the hour (7 o´clock – 7 times). The wood chopper cuts the wood, water wheel turns and the figures dance while music is playing

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Shipping costs
Delivery time
 Germany  € 9.00  3 working days
 EU  € 19.00  7 working days
 USA  € 36.00  14 working days
 Other countries  € 36.00  20 working days

Tax free shopping for customers from non EU countries

€638.00 € 536.13 (tax-free: 19% VAT off) plus shipping flat rate
Shipping costs
Delivery time 14–20 days

Please note, that deliveries to foreign countries can lead to deviating delivery times.



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