Sternen Glas – Forest Glass Set

About the Artist                             

Axel Pautz

Glassmaker – Free from technique

1962 – born in Greifswald

1978 – 1980 – apprenticeship as a glassmaker, specialized in making goblets

1980 – 1991 – glassmaker at Lausitzer Glas Weißwasser – free from technique

1991 – 2004 – glasmaker at Glasbläserhof Todtnau-Aftersteg

2004 – 2016 – glassmaker at Original Willinger Glasmanufaktur in Willingen

since 2016 – glassmaker at GlasManufaktur at Hofgut Sternen (STERNEN GLAS)


7-piece pitcher and goblet set made out of “Waldglas.” Known in English as “Forest Glass,” this type of glass is typical to the Black Forest region because of its composition and color. The type of wood used for glassmaking in the Black Forest would have more of the element Manganese inside (because of the poor soil); when put together with other elements, it would turn the glass to a deep green.

Technical details

Size of Pitcher:

  •       length: ca. 15.5 cm  (ca 6 inches)
  •       width:  ca. 14 cm (ca. 5.5 inches)
  •       height: ca. 31 cm (ca. 12 inches)

Size of Glasses:

  •       length: ca. 18.5 cm  (ca 7 inches)
  •       width:  ca. 18.5 cm (ca. 7 inches)
  •       height: ca. 17 cm (ca. 6.75 inches)

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 Germany  € 9.00  3 working days
 EU  € 19.00  7 working days
 USA  € 39.00  14 working days
 Other countries  € 39.00  20 working days

Tax free shopping for customers from non-EU countries


All of our Sternen Glas products are handmade by our glass artists. This means that the size, coloring, and pattern of the products may vary slightly. The photos you see are an approximation of the product you will receive. There may also be small air bubbles or bubble streaks inside.

Certificate of authenticity with the artist´s name and signature included. 

€230.00 €193.28 (tax free: 19% VAT off)
Shipping costs
Delivery time 14–20 days

Please note, that deliveries to foreign countries can lead to deviating delivery times.



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